The device is hydraulic for riveting the cars' wagons

The device DHRCW15 (hydraulic bracket) is intended for riveting with pre-heated rivets, repaired or new stitches of wagons, when repairing railway cars of all types.
Important features of this series:
• The bracket is made of high-strength alloy steel, with a 3-fold safety factor.
• Hydraulic cylinder body is monolithic, made of solid steel billet. Without welding. This ensures the longest service life, significantly reduces the possibility of oil leaks.
• High-strength seals made of composite materials are used. Quality assurance - seals of leading world manufacturers.
• Piston with increased wear resistance to damage.
• The device uses a drive with spring return of the piston, which allows to operate in any plane.
Main technical characteristics:


Force, tf

Diameter of the rivet, max, mm

Piston stroke, mm

Overall dimensions, mm

Weight, kg










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