Installation unit of shock absorbing devices (IUSAD)

       IUSAD unit is designed for installation of shock absorbing devices of cars, locomotives and other rolling stocks. It performs works related with dismantling and installation of shock absorbing devices of all types. 
             Important features of this series:
  • Unit innovation design based on pantograph approach has significantly reduced unit weight and excluded the impact of side forces on lifting cylinder rod. Due to this design operational life of hydraulic cylinder drive seals has been significantly increased.
  • High-strength seals of composite material are used in the drive. Quality assurance is seals of leading global manufacturers.




Drive type

electro hydraulic

Hydraulic fluid flow, l/min

1,5 l/min

Nominal pressure of lifting device hydraulic cylinder, MPa

16 MPa

Push force of pantograph hydraulic cylinder, kN

31 kN

Nominal lifting capacity of lifting device, kgf

560 kgf

Lifting device stroke, mm

785 mm

Lifting device cross motion from middle position, mm

±100 mm

Dimensions (Length/Width/Height), mm


Nominal pressure of puller hydraulic cylinder, MPa

63 MPa

Pressing force of shock absorbing device, tf

46 tf

Puller rod stroke, mm

50 mm

Weight, kg

300 kg



A unit is designed for pressing-out of shock absorbing devices of rail road cars
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