Stand for testing slings

Stand for testing slings SIGS50 is designed for testing by stretching cable, chain and textile lines. The sling test is carried out due to their tension under the action of the load developed by the hydraulic cylinder.
The stand is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder with hydraulic piston return, is equipped with a hand pump, which can be replaced on a special order for a more productive pumping station with electric drive.
The stand is equipped with adapters for testing textile slings up to 450 mm wide, adapters for steel ropes for the entire range of the scales in accordance with GOST 2224-72, a block for testing textile, rope and chain slings up to 16 m in length, the width of a textile slings tested with a block, 150 mm
Important features of this series:
• Screw pre-tensioning system for the sling, which minimizes the working stroke of the hydraulic cylinder.
• Consists of several interconnected sections, which facilitates their transportation and installation in the workplace.
• The load is monitored by means of an NHS47-68t load cell located between the boom support and the rod of the hydraulic cylinder.
Main technical characteristics:



Маx. diameter of the tested sling, mm

Маx length of sling (without block), m

Length of sling (with the block), m

 Stroke of the hydraulic cylinder, mm

Dimensions, mm

Weight, kg









* Manufacturing with individual parameters is possible