Low profile portable hydraulic puller

   Hydraulic puller PHНP2100Т1100 is designed for the safe and quick dismantling of large parts fitted with tightening on shafts. Low profile hydraulic puller is located on a platform which can be moved over required distance and height to work area using crane or lifting equipment.


It is equipped with built-in transportable electrically driven oil station, two steel grip holders (with multiple safety factors) which are equipped with chain for repaired parts and safeguard fixing, electromagnetic control, a cylinder with piston hydraulic return. The original design of its centre allows the alignment of item with maximum precision during dismasting works.




Force, kN


Q-ty of grip holders


External covered diameter, mm


Grip holder depth, mm


Stroke, mm


Series of special cylinders used for valve, rope tensioning, pressing in and pressing out of parts on shafts.
Series of portable hydraulic pullers for safe dismantling of large parts
They operate with cylinders and any cylinder actuators of any type, and provide maximum performance speed.