Hydraulic Flange Spreading Wedge SWi20/25TIEX

A special series of mechanical flare spreaders for use in potentially explosive areas: ll 2G ck llB T5 / ll 2D ck T100 ° C
It is designed for expansion of medium and large flanges, driven by an external high-pressure hydraulic pump 700 bar.
Main advantages:
● Certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres: II 2G ck IIB T5 / II 2D ck T100 ° C
● Unique system of mutual cross-closure of the first stage;
● Rotary handle for using the accelerator in horizontal and vertical position;
● There is no risk of pinching the operator's fingers;
● Has a wedge expansion scale for visualizing the degree of expansion;
● The safety cord rotating at the connection point
● Practical, portable, easy, safe to use;
1 x Flange swivel hydraulic SWi20/25TІEX
1 x Hydraulic cylinder 700 bar
1 x Protective pedestal
1 x Stepped support
1 x Allen key
1 x Instruction manual
Total weight 13,8 kg

Spreading force with 700bar hydraulic pressure applied

1st step

20t (200 kN)

4th step

24t (240 kN)

Spreading distance

1st step

6,0 mm – 40,0 mm (0,24''– 1,6'')

4th step (without stepped blocks)

6,0 mm – 87,5 mm (0,24'' – 3,4'')

With stepped blocks

48,5 mm – 103,5 mm (1,9'' – 4,1'')

Tool weight

8,5 kg


Video the work of the hydraulic flange spreading wedge SWi20/25TІEX  Equalizer International ltd



A simple solution to hydraulically spread flange joints with a minimum access gap of 6.0mm (0.25")