Secure-grip mechanical flange spreader SG11TM

The SG11TM secure grip bolt-hole spreader can be used on all flange types with bolt-hole sizes ranging from 30mm (1.18”) to 39mm (1.54”) The collet holders are supplied with adjustable drive cones which can be adjusted outward from their central position allowing the tool to spread flanges apart and remove a spacer, wafer or butterfly valve. This mid-end, mechanical model offers up to 11T (110 kN) of spreading force.


Main advantages:
● Due to the unique technology of expanding pins, the Zero-Gap is guaranteed to be the safest accelerator in the world;
● Universal accelerator, applicable to ANSI, API, DIN, SPO, ASME & BS flanges;
● Full control during operation;
● Unique expanding pin;
● Minimum or missing clearance is required;
● Secure locking mechanism in the bolt hole
1 x SG11TM Flange Spreader Tool
1 x 150mm (5.91") Vernier Calliper
1 x 1/2" Drive Torque Wrench and Socket
1 x Safety Block
2 x M30 (1⅛") Collets
2 x M33 (1¼") Collets
2 x M36 (1 ⅜") Collets
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Robust Carry Case with Protective Foam Inserts

Secure-grip mechanical flange spreader SG11TM

Spreading force

11T (110 kN)

Spreading distance

of 90,0 mm(3.55’’)

Tool weight

10,5 kg

Video work of Secure-grip mechanical flange spreader
SG11TM Equalizer International ltd

The mechanical rammer SG4TM for bolt holes from 17.5 mm (0.69 '') to 23.5 mm (0.91 '')