Integral hydraulic vertical lifting wedge VLW18TI

A safe, economical and simple solution for lifting heavy equipment in the presence of a minimum clearance is driven by a remote hydraulic pump, which allows you to control the wedge at a short distance.
Main advantages:
● Direct vertical lift with minimum clearance for wedge installation of only 9.5 mm
● Each wedge step is a 19 mm vertical rise
● Automatic return
● Safe retention of each step
● Strong and precise wedge provides a stable lift
● Safe and secure retention of each step
● Save time and money, safe to use
1 x VLW18TI Wedgehead
1 x 10,000psi (700bar) Integral Hydraulic Pump/Cylinder
1 x Safety Block
1 x Stepped Block
1 x Hex Key
1 x Countersunk Screw
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Cardboard Packaging

The lifting force at a pressure of 700 atm

1st step

18t (180 kN)

Lifting height

1st step

9,5 mm – 29,5 mm 

4th step (without stepped blocks)

9,5 mm – 51,5 mm 

With stepped blocks

39,5 mm – 67,5 mm 

Tool weight

8,5 kg


Video of the wedge hydraulic VLW18TI Equalizer International ltd




Powered by an external high-pressure hydraulic pump 700 bar