Alkitechnik Nova hydraulic station

Hydraulic station Alkitechnik Nova is used to drive the hydraulic tool with cylinders of single and double actions. They can work with 2-4 wrenches at the same time. Robust and compact construction withstands the most difficult operating conditions.

Design features:
  • big time savings thanks to the high performance
  • centralized / hand / automatic operation
  • rugged compact body
  • power 100-253V / 45-66Gts
  • for all hydraulic systems up to 700bar
  • longer life
  • do not use the solenoid valve
  • the possibility of continuous operation 24/7
  • minimal heat during operation
  • heating system to prevent working oil
  • low maintenance
  • synchronous brushless motor, maintenance-free


Alkitorc NOVA

Drive electrical

100/253V – 45/66Hz

Low pressure to 70bar

15 l/min

Medium pressure to 180bar

10 l/min

High pressure to до 700bar

1,5 l/min

Weight (including oil)

28,5 kg

Surrounding temperature

 -20 С0 to +50 С0

Dimentions (length * width * height), мм




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