Hydraulic nut splitter

Important features of this series:

  • Five typical sizes cover the most common sizes of nuts.
  • Cut nuts of any shape and any resistance.
  • Hydraulic power cylinder casing is monolithic, made of solid steel workpiece. Weldless. This provides maximum service life and significantly reduces the possibility of oil leaks.
  • High-strength seals of composite material are used. Quality assurance is seals of leading global manufacturers.
  • Quick release connections with shut-off valve.
  • The best weight to generated force ratio.


Model Force, tf Typical sizes of nuts Weight, kg
SH1924 10 S19 - S24 2,2
SH2432 12 S24 - S32 3,5
SH3241 15 S32 - S41 5
SH4150 25 S41 - S50 8
SH5060 40 S50 - S60 11

* Manufacturing with individual parameters is possible

Hinge yoke allows performing cutting in any cable section including hard-to-reach places.
The best weight to generated force ratio
The possibility of angle bar cutting clamped on both sides