External Hydraulic Nut Splitter NS12TЕ

External hydraulic nut splitter NS12TE series are driven by an integrated hydraulic pump and are suitable for cutting nuts from 21 mm (0.83 '') to 27 mm (1.06 '') with a maximum developed force of up to 12 tonnes.
Main advantages:
• The cutter is made of hardened impact-resistant tool steel
• The unique design of the screwdriver prevents the cutting of the nuts to be cut
• The design of the screwdriver allows quick tool change
• Has a safety rope and a comfortable handle
• Wide range of cut nuts
1 x Hydraulic screwdriver NS12TE
1 x Spare cutting tip
1 x Screw for fixing the spare tip
1 x Screw for reserve alignment
1 x Allen key
1 x Seat belt
1 x Instruction manual
1 x Portable carrying case

Integral Hydraulic Nut Splitter NS12TE


12T (120 kN)

Size of cut nuts

М14, М16

Tool weight

3,5 kg

Gross Kit Weight

6,8 kg

Video of the work of a Integral Hydraulic Nut Splitter
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