Tensor cylinder

The tensor jack is designed to safely stretch the stud to create the required force on the threaded connection


Important features of this series:

  • High-strength seals of composite material are used. Quality assurance is seals of leading global manufacturers.
  • There is no need to spin the bolt and to overcome nut frictional force along the bearing surface for nuts tightening. Tightening force is fully controlled.
  • Devices are designed for operation together with hand high-pressure hydraulic pump of MHP type.


Model Nominal diameter, mm Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
Length (with fittings) Width (diameter) Height
HP 2036 М20 – М36 190 130 120 6
HP 3052 М42 – М52 200 140 15 9,5
HP 5064 М50 – М64 240 180 160 18
HP11010 М100 345 230 225 32
The table shows only examples of developed hydraulic cylinders
Tensor jacks are basically the same, but the individual design for a specific threaded connection and differ only in size and effort, so they are made based on the technical characteristics of a particular threaded connection.
* The amount is agreed upon by the technical specifications with the Customer
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