Trolley hydraulic lifting cylinder

Important features of this series:


  • Jack casing is monolithic, made of solid steel workpiece. Weldlessless. This provides maximum service life and significantly reduces the possibility of oil leaks.
  • Piston with increased resistance to damage.
  • Piston contact surface has spherical shape for piston protection against noncentral loads
  • Jack is equipped with lock valve allowing load holding in elevated position.
  • Emergency overpressure relief valve embedded into cylinder provides full control and operation safety.
  • High-strength seals of composite material are used. Quality assurance is seals of leading global manufacturers.
  • Embedded electric oil station with the remote control console.



Force, kN, max

Rod stroke, mm

Rod return

Max operating pressure, bar

Dimensions, mm

Weight, max, kg

LC 60 600 400 Hydraulic 70 1200×1200x600 129
LC100 1000 400 Hydraulic 70 1200×1200x600 148
LC150 1500 400 Hydraulic 70 1200×1200x600 195


This series of cylinders is the most applicable when the main part of works during repairs and installation in the industry is carried out.
Special series of cylinders is used for works requiring raised load fixing and retaining during a long time.
This is the series of cylinders using which one can perform an operation requiring quick piston return. It can be used both independently and in different devices, such as machine presses.