Work on replacing the ball circle on a rotary excavator

At the upper complex of the Northern Quarry, large-scale work on replacing the spherical circle on a rotary excavator began We, without exaggeration, state that this is historically the most important event for our enterprise.



Representatives of the plant have never carried out similar operations on their own. Therefore, for the correct and qualitative performance of works, 3 contracting organizations were involved: the Ukrainian firm Technoforсе and the German companies TAKRAF and FAM.




So, the beginning of the path to the establishment of a new sphere was laid June 19, when the specialists started the "TAKRAF" before the start-up works. With one of them, Fyodor Raats (a Russian from Russia), we managed to talk in more detail. He told us that their firm was a manufacturer of rotary excavator in the distant 70s of the last century. That is, you can imagine that this car is more than 40 years old! The ball sphere was installed here somewhat later, but now its wear is obvious and this fact confirms the chief mechanic of the plant Oleg Sinilschikov:


- Ball sphere is a rotary shaft bearing that connects its upper and lower structures. Recently, according to workers of the Northern Careers, due to considerable wear of the ball sphere, there was a collapse of the car's designs, which led to a decrease in its productivity. Therefore, the only correct solution was the replacement of this bearing. We made it by representatives of the German firm "FAM", which under the contract will carry out the assembly. Specialists «TAKRAF» make a weighing of structures of a rotary digger, with the help of special pressure gauges measure pressure in jacks, load distribution and definition of center of gravity. In essence, they help us find the right balance that is needed for the correct installation of a new balloon.



To determine the center of gravity of the upper structure of the rotary excavator weighing 1600 tons raised by 30 mm. The operation was very successful, thanks to the concerted actions of the contractors, as well as the workers of the Repair and Mechanical Workshop headed by the head of Georgy Bormachenko and the Northern Career under the leadership of Igor Chernyayev.



The initial process of preparation of equipment for the dismantling of the ball sphere was also controlled by the Chairman of the Board Sergey Shuvaev. He spoke with representatives of contracting organizations and wished all participants of this historic event success in such an important business.



According to the Chairman of the Board, the repair teams of the RMC and the employees of the Northern Quarry managed to do an incredible thing - to conduct complicated, unfamiliar technical operations in just 16 calendar days instead of the planned 24th. In this process, almost all the teams of the external repair area of ​​the RMC were involved, which were supervised by Technofors technical specialists and the German specialists - TAKRAF and FAM.


For the given photos we thank UkrFA (Ukrainian Association of Ferroalloys Producers).