Hydraulic installation of a step lift with a carrying capacity of 800 tons
This installation is designed to lift the load at a significant height with a limited value of the construction height of the hydraulic cylinder
Works on the lifting-lowering of the capacitor during the repair of the third unit of the NNEGC "Energoatom" of the Zaporizhzhya NPP.
The installation includes:
1. Jack step-lifting DST100G150 (Jack with hydraulic return of the piston, effort 100 tc, piston stroke 150 mm) - 8 pcs
Picture 1 - Hydraulic Jack DST75G200

Hydraulic Jack



Weight of the jack, kg

Weight of support partkg

Size of support partmm

The size of the base five on the stemmm









Main technical features:


• Jacks are equipped with hydraulic locks that prevent lowering of cargo during an emergency impulse of the sleeve;

• Sealing and supporting elements of the original design;
• Hydraulic return of the piston to its original position;
• Operating temperature: from -15 ° С to + 50 ° С.
• The presence of a spherical support surface, which reduces the off-center load on the jack.


• As substrates, bars made of hornbeam (or beech) in sizes of 500x140x40mm (lateral) and 500x140x40mm (central) are used.


2. Oil-filling station NE70830-8GRО-З (with working pressure of 70 MPa, the cost of 1 jack 1l / min and the possibility of working with 4 jacks simultaneously) - 1 pc.



Each jack is attached to an individual pump, which allows lifting the load simultaneously (regardless of the load on each of the jacks). Each line is equipped with a throttle to regulate the lifting speed of the jack and a control valve, which allows you to set the maximum working pressure for each line. Also in each of the lines a pressure gauge is installed.
The jacks are controlled by a 3-position manually operated distributor (4 pcs).
The oil station is equipped with four pairs of high pressure hoses (700 bar), 10 m long, complete with quick couplings.
Basic technical characteristics of the oil station:

Maximum pressure, bar


Innings, l/min

4 (4/1L auto)

Power, KW


Network Voltage, V


Capacity of the tank, L


Overall dimensions, ВхLхН







To get acquainted with the work of the installation of a step lift, you can from the video below: