Pneumatic thread cleaner ThreadBoy

               The most common problem during threaded connections maintenance is contamination and corrosion; they have a negative impact on torque accuracy, and complicate the process of threaded connections tightening and significantly increase maintenance time.

               Alkitechnik Company (Germany) has developed an effective solution to this problem – thread cleaning tool ThreadBoy.

               Thread cleaner provides quick cleaning of dirt and rust comparing to other methods. ThreadBoy is multifunctional due to the presence of changeable brushes made of steel that facilitate cleaning of the thread of different sizes.

               Quick, uniform and, foremost, safe cleaning without threaded connection damage.

                ThreadBoy is ergonomic and easy-to-work. Compact design with integrated control. Simple 1-finger operation for right/left rotation. Robust aluminium housing with one of the most reliable pneumatic drives in the world.

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