Hydraulic railway leveler used for work on the correction of the path
A unit is designed for pressing-out of shock absorbing devices of rail road cars
Hydraulic pipe bender is used for rail bending, directly at the places of their installation. Hydraulic pipe bender is designed for quarry, mines, widely used at the railway.
Rail cylinder is designed for rails lifting, alignment and repairs
It is designed for installation/dismantling of shock absorbing devices of railway cars
The bench for crimping and defect identification of chiller sections of diesel locomotives during repair
It is intended for riveting the stitches of wagons of all types
Is designed to perform the main task of emergency recovery work on railway transport
A series of specialized jacks for lifting parts of rolling stock.
Category description
Hydraulic pipe bender in Ukraine
Hydraulic pipe bender - a portable bending machine for laying rails curved track sections. The device is used directly at the place of a railway or tramway track. Use it to make the necessary rail radius of curvature.
How to choose?
Basic structural elements of hydraulic bending machine still remain the same:
Frame - welded or collapsible supporting structure. Usually, based on collected relsogiby welded frame from solid steel, or on a frame consisting of two sheets of metal on the fastening screw;
Fixed stops or seizures. They are designed to lock the rail during bending.
The movable element - a grip connected with screws or punch, fixed to the rod of a hydraulic jack. It is the movement of the machine element performs a first elastic and then - plastic deformation of the rail.
How does it work?
Hydraulic pipe bender - not too light and mobile design, you need to take this into account when used in confined spaces. This spiral bending machine does not require any external energy sources, and the bending of the rail produced by the muscular power of man. Its principle of operation is that during synchronous rotation of the screws and uniform grip is displaced in the direction of the frame and the rail deforms. Hydraulic jack track requires human effort, however, requires a compressor which will create pressure in the cylinder.
Features hydraulic pipe bender:
Nominal force - from 150 to 400 kN;
Stroke cylinder - from 100 to 150 mm;
The minimum bending radius - 3 meters, depending on the model of the machine;
Manual screw hydraulic pipe bender enables bend radius of 3 meters. The fundamental difference in principle of operation of screw and hydraulic pipe bender is screwed pipe bender that force is applied in a direction "to the frame", and hydraulic - from it.
Where can I buy?
On our site you can choose hydraulic pipe bender just a few clicks, and then contacting the manager, you can check the price. Also here you can buy a track and a jack, which makes it easier to deal with the laying of the rails. To make an order, you need to choose a model resembling presented and call us.