This series of cylinders is the most applicable when the main part of works during repairs and installation in the industry is carried out.
This is the series of cylinders using which one can perform an operation requiring quick piston return. It can be used both independently and in different devices, such as machine presses.
Special series of cylinders is used for works requiring raised load fixing and retaining during a long time.
Series of special cylinders used for valve, rope tensioning, pressing in and pressing out of parts on shafts.
Light industrial cylinders. They shall be used for work at height, trestles, in places where the minimum weight of the often moveable equipment is necessary.
Series of special cylinders used for works in confined spaces, during alignment and mounting works of equipment and facilities.
Trolley lifting cylinder is designed for mining equipment maintenance, for repair, installation and welding works at the enterprise of different industries.
Pull-type cylinders are designed for works requiring pulling force creation. Mainly they are used during metal structure components bracing for their further fixing or welding.
Wedge-type cylinder is used for lifting loads from low height pickup and for expansion of narrow gaps.
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As of today, TM TechnoForce hydraulic cylinders are widely used during construction, repairs, installation, welding, and other works. TM TechnoForce hydraulic cylinders can be used in all industries: coal, ore mining and smelting, petrochemical, energetic and machine-building. TM TechnoForce hydraulic cylinders can be manufactured both in standard design and as per Customer specifications or drawings.