Series of hydraulic pullers which are used for the performance of the majority of works regarding parts and units removal having an interference fit.
Series of mobile pullers for operation with parts of 50-350 mm diameter.
Series of mobile mechanical pullers. They are used for operation with parts of 50-360 mm diameter.
Series of the stand-alone hydraulic puller. They are used for operation with parts of 50-500mm diameter.
A puller for safe and quick removal of large parts
Series of portable hydraulic pullers for safe dismantling of large parts
Category description

TM TechnoForce pullers are designed for the quick and safe dismantling of bearings, sheaves, bushings and other parts having an interference fit. TM TechnoForce puller can have both built-in and external drive. TM TechnoForce pullers can be manufactured in the standard model or as per Customer specifications or drawings.