Hydraulic hand press with a built-in pump of PHP type
Cut nuts of any shape and any resistance
Hinge yoke allows performing cutting in any cable section including hard-to-reach places.
The best weight to generated force ratio
The possibility of angle bar cutting clamped on both sides
Knife innovative design provides the largest number of cuts
Hydraulic flange spreader is used for steel flanges per GOST 12821-80, pipes for pressure up to 1.0 MPa with 400 – 1200 mm diameter and pipes for pressure up to 1.6 MPa with 400 – 800mm diameter.
Hydraulic pipe bender is designed for smooth pipe bend in cold condition without filling.
Hydraulic universal clamps for manual installation
Category description
High-quality hydraulic machinery at competitive prices
Rugged and reliable, practical and easy to use a new type of hydraulic device - a device that facilitates the work, make it as safe as possible. Such models of equipment are designed for simple operation, without effort costs. Each model has a number of products of distinctive features that distinguish it from other products. In this category you will find special hydraulic mechanisms, which have a maximum efficiency. They all have different prices, due to the complexity of the devices of each unit.
The range is wide, many goods
Here you can buy several types of hydraulic shears. Different models have a range of applications. Thus, universal scissors are suitable for use with a thin cable. They have a special removable knife. The device design makes it practical; lightweight - convenient for work. There are a range of shears and cutting the ropes that provide the maximum number of cuts for a minimum period of time. In addition, the catalog you will find and be able to buy and other hydraulic mechanisms - pressure testing cable lugs, hydraulic nut splitter, overclockers flanges and more.
Detailed information about the hydraulic mechanisms, presented in an assortment
All models of equipment and special equipment is of the highest quality score. The product is certified, it has an established manufacturer and guarantee a long service life. All equipment complies with defined technical safety, not a threat to life. When working with each device should be exactly adhere to the instructions that will allow you to get the maximum productivity of labor. We would like to remind you that now you have the opportunity to acquire an advanced hydraulic nut splitter, which has four commonly encountered size.
The quality of our products will make you happy, and affordable prices will be a pretext for the systematic purchase of necessary equipment.