Multifunctional lifting equipment used in all industrial and construction areas
Multifunctional lifting equipment used in all industrial and construction areas.
It is designed for load lifting and carrying at construction and installation sites and can be used during repair works.
Jack is used during vertical movement of free load, during hand lifting and lowering.
High-performance electric hoists HADEF is a cost-effective solution for lifting operations that require accurate load distribution at multiple lifting points.
Electric hoists HADEF are used for heavy loads and rapid movement of cargo, to minimize physical effort and increase labor productivity.
Category description

A wide range of hoists for any task!

Hoisting mechanisms used to maximally facilitate the work and reduce the physical effort in lifting and moving loads. Depending on the objectives and specificity of the various mechanisms used to lift.

What lifting mechanisms exist?

There are two main subspecies lifting mechanisms - a manual and electric devices. Among the manual you will find:
• hoists;
• jacks.
Tal can be either manual or electric, depending on the type of drive. The mechanism of the device is varied. Separately, it is worth noting hoist hand chain hoist and manual lever. In fact it is two kinds of chain hoist with different actuator.
Lever hoist is applicable for lifting small weights, weight not exceeding 6 tons. Raise using a hoist load can be up to a height of 12 meters. Without this device do not utilities. The use of lever hoists also justified where the volume of movement of goods are low. Chain hoist with manual drive is set in motion by the operator. He pulls the chain until the load does not rise to the desired point. The advantage of chain hoists is the ability to work in virtually any environment. The lever hoist can be operated both outdoors and in different rooms. Do not lose your health or in sub-zero temperatures, no heat.
When selecting hoists guided not on price, and on where and how it will be applied. Note that the lever hoist has a limited carrying capacity. With rack and pinion jack can lift loads weighing up to ten tons. This jack is popular with motorists and construction workers. If you decide to buy ram, be guided first and foremost on its capacity. Pay attention to the initial height of the pickup, and the maximum lift height. In addition to the technical characteristics of the device evaluated versatility, stability, comfort and safety in the work.
Buy lifting device, you may be necessary in the company Teсhnoforсе. The price of a unit, offered by the company, can be refined by contacting the company by phone or email. In the same way, you can place your order.