Series of standard torque pneumatic torque wrenches for torques of 60 to 3460Nm.
CLS2 torque wrenches – series of two-speed pneumatic torque wrenches with torque from 120to 11010Nm.
CLD nut wrenches – series of torque pneumatic torque wrenches for torques of 165 to 9800 Nm. They have rotatable support unit allowing the selection of most suitable one.
CLD/L torque wrenches – series of torque pneumatic torque wrenches for torques of 75 to 1,900 Nm. These torque multipliers have high rotation speed and reduced-weight design.
RAPTOR wrenches –pneumatic torque wrenches for torques of 160 to 8134Nm with the highest rotation speed in its class and lightweight design.
Wrench RAPTOR E6- pneumatic torque wrench with a torque of 201 to 1396Nm
Moment impact wrenches, designed specifically for the assembly/disassembly of plate heat exchangers
Category description
Comfortable and modern pneumatic wrenches, which have already proven their practicality
Advanced and reliable pneumatic wrench - this is equipment that can be installed quickly and efficiently. Products are practical and easy to use. These are technical tools that are applicable to industrial and commercial enterprises. It is an indispensable tool in difficult situations where you need to apply serious efforts.
On purchase, the choice and doubts
Choose this category of goods is not easy, because there are several types of products. We Pneumatic system work more modernized, so the cost varies depending on the capacity of the equipment. Before you buy a tool, it is important to pay attention to the specifications. If the requirements for the specific instrument is not present, the product is suitable, that is:
• standard operating pressure (at least - to 6 atm);
• minimum weight;
• a sufficient number of revolutions per minute.
For construction companies interest is newer and more powerful models, in which increased pressure, weight more, but higher performance. In our catalog presented instruments of this type, among which there are both standard models and targeted at heavy loads.
The use of tools and safety rules
Modern pneumatic torque wrenches are very simple to use. They have a convenient handle which facilitates the rapid implementation of the task. The product, whose weight is minimal, it is considered more practical, because the small size of the model allows the spin nut in the most remote places. He, like any other technical device has instructions to follow where required. It is important to remember that this tool can be used in the activity and the common man, because its application does not require any special knowledge and special training. If you decide to buy such equipment in the house, then rest assured - with its operation no problem.
Steps to purchase
If you select a specific model of the product, buy it will be just on our site. It should be remembered that the price of different models on the expiration time may vary, so it makes sense to get accurate information from the manager. Light work you and good shopping!