Series of weather-proof compact torque wrenches for torques of 60 to 6500 Nm and IP54 protection class.
Series of weather-proof compact angle torque wrenches with torque from 60 to 6300 Nm and IP54 protection class.
Series of high-performance angle torque wrenches for torques of 430 to 42 000Nm. It has a design with IP-20 or IP-54 protection class.
Series of high-performance angle torque wrenches for torques of 435 to 9800Nm. It has a design with IP20 or IP54 protection class.
Series of compact torque wrenches for torques of 90 to 4000 Nm.
Moment impact wrenches, designed specifically for the assembly/disassembly of plate heat exchangers
Category description
Reliable electric wrenches at competitive prices!
The electric wrench - a special device for the assembly / disassembly of threaded connections. It will gain in a situation where the wrench handle with difficulty, and also in the case where a large amount is required to tighten the nuts.
How to choose electric wrenches?
Before you decide to buy a wrench with a view to purchase. If the device is used often to perform a large amount of work, you should give preference to professional tools.
There are electric wrenches, working from the mains and from the battery. The latter can be used anywhere, regardless of the possibility of connecting to the mains. However, the battery tends to discharge. In addition, the battery unit weights.
An important characteristic is the number of revolutions per minute. In domestic instrument, this figure ranges from 20-40 rpm. A professional comes up to 8000 rpm. Another important characteristic is the power of the device.
Note the presence of the electronic speed control. Of the additional features worth noting as "reverse" and "quick-stop button the engine." No less convenient and LED micro flashlight on wrenches, allowing to work in conditions of poor visibility.
Prefer metal gearbox, as it is considered more reliable. Tool with rubber grips on the handle and the body has the ability to dampen vibration. Note convenience handle on how it fits the hand. Comfort at work is very important. It is worth paying attention to the price of the instrument.
Service electric wrench
To the selected wrench served you for many years, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules:
keep tools clean;
use high-quality formulations for lubricating the gearbox;
replace time moving and rotating parts.
There are also electric industrial wrenches, with reliable engines, high quality and low wear and tear. Buy these wrenches you can in the company Tehnofors. Pricing and make an order for the supply of electric wrenches industry can call one of the telephone companies in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk or by making a request via e-mail or by filling out a form on the website.