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Alkitechnik Nova hydraulic station is designed for operation with hydraulic units and system up to 700 bar.
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Powerful hydraulic wrenches on the most attractive terms
The invention of the hydraulic power tool, greatly improving the efficiency of operations related to the assembly and disassembly of threaded connections. A more "advanced" version of the wrench enables such activities faster, doing a lot less effort. This makes the device extremely popular for both professional and home use. Buy hydraulic equipment for assembly and disassembly of threaded connections can be «TechnoForce».
Well-known in the Ukrainian market provider can offer customers certified products well-known manufacturers, reasonable prices, quality service. Products presented in the company's catalog, you can order in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk offices, having previously obtained a detailed consultation on the operation.
Tips for Choosing a power tool from the "TechnoForce"
Before you buy hydraulic equipment designed for assembly and disassembly of threaded connections, it is necessary to understand the principle of operation of the device. Converting translational movement of the cylinder, which occurs at the time of rotation, hydraulic wrench transmits the effort to the field of fixing parts or dismantling it.
The greater the torque device, and the greater the force. So, for the assembly of furniture and cars MOT enough indicator 250 nm, and for heavy machinery and working with old connections will have to use the more powerful units with a torque 200 to 78,000 Nm.
Of great importance is also waybill or cassette design hydraulic power tool. Overhead devices use when you need to make the maximum effort. In addition, the functionality of the overhead wrenches can be significantly expanded doukomplektovyvaya their various kinds of support and spare parts.
Cassette device, in turn, can be used to handle connections in confined spaces due to a flat shape and a small diameter. Such tools are usually equipped with a thrust reverser and antireversnoy latch. Regarding the choice of the material of the body casing, preference is given to long-lived models of high-strength steel.
If job security is also very important for the buyer, he should pay attention to the special options - Presence sensor speed regulation.
Operating and storage
Terms of use and storage wrenches are not too different from the standard rules for the use of other types such as hydraulic tools. Devices must be protected from shock, exposure to open flame and extreme temperatures. By following these simple rules of value for money, quality, efficiency and durability of your power tool will be optimal.