Hydraulic rail cylinder manufactured by Technoforсе company
Hydraulic rail cylinder production jack of the company "Technoforсе" is used in the replacement of railway tracks, the position of the rail rack, the lifting of cars, as well as in the process of performing various types of repair work on the railroad canvas.
The main advantages of the Technoforсе mobile jacks:
• Oil tank design, eliminating oil leakage during throwing;
• Thanks to the built-in dual-pump pump, the straight and reverse stroke of the handle is working, which contributes to accelerated oil injection in the hydraulic cylinder;
• The return of the hydraulic cylinder to its original position is due to the spring.
Figure 1 - Construction of hydraulic track jacks "Technoforсе"
1 - the hydraulic cylinder; 2 - support; 3 - fixed stop; 4 - rotary stop; 5 - bypass valve of the pump; 6 - the pump; 7 - the handle; 8 - filler neck;